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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  July 20, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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watching us. join us tomorrow 8/7, stay tuned. i'm cat deeley. good night. a raucous reception this evening, as san francisco ace police chief attempts to address community concerns about his officer involved shooting. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank summerville. hundreds of people turned out to hear about a police shooting. the meeting quickly turned chaotic and the chief of police eventually left. continuing coverage now of the story. >> reporter: frank, we're at
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the spot where 19-year-old kenneth harding was killed. tonight's meeting was just stepping from here, the opera house, where tensions ran high. just 15 minutes into the meeting, police chief was shouted down by some in the audience. >> i love the bay view community. >> reporter: still the chief tried to give information about saturday's fatal police shooting to the overflow crowd of 400 plus. many told us they were frustrated because they came to hear what the chief had to say, and to ask for his help to make their community safer. >> it's time to act right, so you can hear us, and we get some help in this neighborhood. it's a crisis. >> reporter: the chief was bombarded with questions about past cases.
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>> i'm not going to be prepared to answer. >> reporter: after an hour of trying mostly in vain to speak to community members, the chief finally left. >> i'm asking you a question, why did they have to shoot 10 or 15 times? >> reporter: several residents told us they disagreed with those who disrupted the meeting. >> a lot of people in this community loved him when he was captain, and respect him being chief and know he will do something. >> reporter: some community members told us, they hope the police chief will come back and meet with him again. any say they need help from the police to rid the area of crime. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. a protest march last night of that police shooting ended with san francisco police arresting 43 people. today we learned that 26 of those arrested live outside of san francisco. police identify 17 as city
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residents. just one of the people arrested last night lived in the bay view neighborhood where the shooting actually occurred. new at 10:00, the san francisco municipal transit agency appears to be close to naming its new director. the agency's choice to run muni is this man, edward rufkin. they did say there is a news conference set for 10:00 tomorrow morning. there is a new hint tonight, interim san francisco mayor, ed lee may be rethinking his decision not to run for mayor in the upcoming election. for weeks, groups have been campaign for him to change his mind, and enter the race. listen closely. his comment refers to discussions taking place. >> that doesn't necessarily translate into elections, but there are interesting discussions that are going on.
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>> with you, and whom else? >> i would just leave it at that. >> a group called women for ed lee rallied on the steps of city hall, encouraging the mayor to run this november. san francisco firefighters had their hands full, battling a fire in the lower haight neighborhood. the first reports of the fire came in around 6:30 this evening. news chopper 2 got there first and captured this aerial view. debra is there now to tell us what happened. >> reporter: we don't have a cause yet, but take a look. crews are still here, mopping up from this two-alarm fire that presented some big challenges. the fire started in the rear of this building, and spread up the inside to the walls to the attic. that's where crews had the hardest time knocking it down. because the building has neighbors close on both sides, crews posted their, and in the
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back to keep it from spreading. the top flat pretty much was gutted. those residents are in europe right now on vacation. the woman who lives in the ground floor unit was with them, until returning home today to find this. a fire that had the whole neighborhood watching. >> it was a stubborn fire because the roof is not a typical roof. it appears to be a flat roof in the street, but it's actually a double peak roof building. so that made it difficult to get access to the attic, and put the attic out. >> i can't find my kitty, sophie. if anybody seeing the blue tabby wandering around without a collar please call the spca. >> is that your biggest concern right now? >> it is, the rest of my animals are safe, and the rest is just stuff. >> reporter: she did have someone house sitting for her
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while she was gone. that person did escape the fire. they tried first to put it out with a garden hose, but they were quickly overwhelmed. we're watching fire enjunes now leaving hours after -- engines now living hours after this fire started. fortunately, no one injured here tonight. reporting live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. an update now on the search and rescue mission at yosemite national park. three young adults were swept over one of the parks most majestic waterfalls. reports on the costly error the visitors made. >> reporter: a popular site in yosemite just about any time of the year. right now, it's even more spectacular, because of the extended rain and snow season. but it was closed almost all day yesterday and reopened today at noon, after search crews failed to find the three people who fell into the cold, rushing water yesterday. >> the three individuals at this point are presumed dead,
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but we are continuing the search, just in that area. >> reporter: rangers say the first visiter was swept in after climbing over a metal guardrail to take pictures. witnesses say the other two jumped in to try to make a courageous, but futile attempt. >> i saw the man's eyes as he went over the waterfall, that was devastating. >> reporter: today, rangers identified the three as two men, and a 21-year-old woman. the accident is the latest in a series of tragic falls. rangers say at least eight people have died in the park this year. including two men who got swept off a flooded bridge just a few weeks ago. >> we do not have a ranger in all the dangerous places, 24/7. so yosemite is a very wild place. it is the responsibility of the visiter to take that into account. >> it could be the fall season,
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when water levels drop significantly before the bodies can be found. in eight minutes, we will take you to a prior vigil tonight here in the bay area organized by a tight knit community that is mourning those three hikers. on capitol hill, an emotional plea from a california man who lost his husband now says he may lose his home. four months ago, his husband died from leukemia. wallen says he is now in financial chaos, because the defense of marriage act prohibits him from collecting his husband's, larger social security benefit. >> i cannot count on this benefit, simply because of doma. this is unfair, this is unjust. >> the vice president of focus on the family, also spoke at the hearing today.
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he said there is a mountain of evidence that shows the best environment for children is being in a home with a married mother and father. hundreds will receive a check involving countrywide financial. it will mail refund checks starting tomorrow. the $108 million settlement follows claims that the lender overcharged borrowers facing foreclosure. the refund covers fees for services such as property fees and landscaping. wells-fargo was hit with an $80 million fine today, issued by the federal reserve. wells-fargo is accused of steering borrowers into more costly mortgages. the fine is the largest ever by the federal reserve in a consumer enforcement case. investors jumped on zillow's ipa today. it connects prospective home
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buyers to mortgage lenders. so far, zillow has not turned a profit. the ipo share priced at $20, during initial trading today jumped up to $60. the dow was off 15, and the nasdaq down 12. investors remain cautious, because lawmakers in washington still haven't reached a deal to reach the country's debt limit. the board of directers for chlorox, they upped the bid to $80 per share. $500million more than he offered last week before being turned down. the stock closed today at $74.34. up nearly $2 a share. ♪ [ music ] i'm still tracking some warm numbers across parts of the bay area for tonight. coming up, the neighborhood that will cool off only into
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the lower 60s tonight, and also, the updated fog forecast model for tomorrow morning. it's about the size of a nickel, how an elusive coin thief is looking to cash in. the three people who fell over a waterfall in yosemite are being remembered tonight in the south bay. we'll tell you about that san jose connection. you'll also hear from the victim's friends.
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only on 2, a half million dollars coin thief is feeling the heat tonight. heather holmes is live tonight in walnut creek, where she's learned an arrest warrant has been issued. >> reporter: police tell me, billy has a long rap sheet, hundreds of rare coins stolen from a dealer in this downtown office building. >> the front door was bashed in with a crowbar or something. this door was opened, that cabinet was opened. >> reporter: police believe it was vasalu and an accomplice behind the break-in. they say he had staked out the place days before. tonight, the owner recalled the moment he learned more than $500,000 of his rare coins were gone. >> this is a $20 indian gold piece. similar to some of the ones that were taken. >> reporter: investigators believe he was looking to cash
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in on the soaring price of gold. now above $1,600 an ounce. >> he went straight into the building, knew exactly where to go, grabbed the coins and was gone in a hurry. >> reporter: gold buyers are seeing business boom. >> it's about $200 for that gold bracelet. >> reporter: at super silver, they are busy buying everything from bracelets to coins. >> the phone is ringing off the hook. i do work by appointment in my other location, and i'm booked at least every day, if not every weekend i'm booked. >> reporter: the police are hoping they catch him, before he cashes in. >> we've since been actively trying to capture him, but he is eluding us thus far. >> reporter: officers came very close to catching him a month ago, but he snuck out a backdoor. tonight, he is facing four felony charges. a $1,000 reward is offered for information that leads to his
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arrest. reporting live tonight, heather holmes, ktvu channel 2 news. jackie spears says ending the dollar coin could save taxpayers money that could go toward the deficit. she introduced legislation to end the program. she says 2.4 billion coins have been minted and half of those are sitting in government vaults. it appears the dmv is issuing plaquerts to people who are no longer alive. the agency only checks death records every two years and also misses people because of mismatched birth dates. new figures show that deadly traffic accidents in california are down. a new survey shows vehicle fatalities in california dropped by almost 12% last year, campaigned to 2009. the fifth year in a row that traffic deaths have gone down.
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the nation's overall traffic fatality rate fell by 3%. the family of giants fan, bryan stow says he underwent emergency surgery earlier this week. doctors performed surgery on monday, after fluid built up in stow's head. doctors removed a growth they discovered, and installed a device to drain that fluid. stow remains in serious condition at san francisco general hospital, after he was severely beaten outside dodger stadium about fourth months ago. new at 10:00, the three victims who went over that 300- foot waterfall in yosemite were part of a youth group within a syrian church. their presumed deaths are hitting the community in the south sound. many there knew the victims. there was a special prayer vigil that was held. >> reporter: frank, the vigil ended a couple of hours ago. but many stuck around, holding
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each other, here at the syrian church of the east in willow glen. you can tell many people had a heavy heart. some of the young people who attended tonight, had just spoken to the victims a couple of days ago. healing and finding piece, chanted over and over again in aramaic. tears of disbelief shed for the three victims who fell. >> they were just taking a simple trip. i talked to them just a few nights ago. it's just hard to fathom the thought that i may never see them again. >> reporter: members of the church's youth group says they often did activities. they saw one another at an international conference two week ago. friends say nadal was a student
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at usf, and strong willed. >> one of the most people people inside and outside, especially inside, she has a heart of gold. >> reporter: david planned to go to school for music. >> i don't think i know anyone who was more passionate about every single thing he did. he is one of the best composers of music that i know. >> reporter: and friends say he was a chemistry student. many who do not know the victims attended the service. >> this is very devastated for the entire community. we've been receiving phone calls all day yesterday and today. emails. >> reporter: the priest hoped the vigil would help the community deal with the tragedy. >> it's very important that all of us are here together in solidarity, and praying for them that their found. >> reporter: while authorities are presuming that they're dead, the asyrian community is
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hoping the victims will be found. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. san jose police are crediting a mother's bravery in saving her 3-year-old daughter from a kidnapper. sandra aragon showed how she fought off the alleged kidnapper. the suspect is now in the santa clara county jail on kidnapping and burglary charges. the toddler's older sister told us, flores first approached them outside their apartment. >> she was like complementing my sister and after that, she said do you want to go to the store? i will buy you some chocolate. >> the mother told us, flores demanded blood from her to prove she was her own. temperatures warmed nicely today across the entire bay area, and still mild numbers out there for this 10:00 hour.
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currently, 71 in fairfield. 75 in concord. livermore 74. san francisco, a bit of an onshore breeze cooling down the city back down into the upper 50s right now. 57degrees. here is our updated fog forecast. we could have a few patches develop first thing tomorrow morning. a look at some of the overnight lows. most locations will be in the 50s. warmest spots, a little lower 60s toward concord, fairfield, and antioch. the weather pattern will soon be changing. coming up, the one direction temperatures will be helding for the upcoming weekend. the relationship between tesla, and toyota is growing stronger. a securities and exchange commission showed tesla will receive $100 million for providing parts. this comes on top of the $50 million that toyota invested in the electric car maker last year. a change in airport
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security procedures. plus -- >> the fight against illegal marijuana grows is taking off. why it's getting a later start than usual in the south bay. >> this is supposed to be a drug abuse safeguard, with you we've learned smurfers can get around it. we investigate ahead. ♪ [ female announcer ] sweet honey taste. 80 calories per serving. 40% daily value of fiber. i'm here in the downtown area where the crowd is growing.
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a santa clara task force says it eradicated 20,000 pot plants today. our camera rolled along in a helicopter as authorities searched for illegal marijuana farms hidden in rural parks. >> reporter: the campaign against marijuana planting has launched its summer fight against illegal pot growth. today, taking us up in a helicopter above mount radona park. soon, we saw clearing in the trees, up to 10,000 marijuana
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plants are estimated to be growing in this area. yet authorities say the crops are smaller than usual, because of the cool, wet spring. >> these are big grows. things that are potentially going to make somebody a lot of money. very sophisticated, yes. >> reporter: and very dangerous for the public. she encountered a scary surprise while riding elsewhere. >> came across a patch, we thought, we've got to get out of here. little pots with stuff growing in them. >> we always find evidences of farms bullets, or the guns themselves in these groves. as well as the environmental hazards. >> reporter: these pictures from earlier in the year, show the firearms recovered in santa clara county. it's working to link such grows to specific mexican cartels. with the help of this
10:25 pm
helicopter, santa clara has already seized more than 40 million marijuana pot plants. ktvu channel 2 news. an oakland pot club is about to hit the small screen. the discovery channel announced it is going to release a reality show. the show called weed wars will pull back the curtain on the controversial business. american airlines announced today what it says is the biggest order of for commercial planes. buying 360 single i'll jets from boeing and airbus. the new planes have better mileage, and will provide much needed savings on fuel. the deliveries are expected to begin in 2013, and one through 2022. travelers can soon expect
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more privacy at airport screenings. they have installed new software on body scanning machines. it will replace the passenger's image, with a generic one, while still exposing dangerous items. an important new recommendation for women tonight. the latest advice when it comes to breast cancer screening. >> i was thinking, i could wait until prop 8 is overturned. >> at 10:45, this couple's new plan, and their outlook on overturning prop 8. first, our ktvu special report recovers an astonishing loophole that allows pharmacy drugs to be converted into a criminal enterprise.
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a new recommendation today on breast cancer screening, saying doctors should offer all women in their 40s the chance to get annual mammograms. after age 50, women should get a mammogram every other year. the latest offering from tobacco companies will be the focus of the fda tomorrow. these are camel orbs. they dissolve within minutes providing a nicotine hit. they say they're a safer alternative to cigarettes. but public health experts are concerned about the product on teeth and gums. getting high using cold medicine. they're called smurfers and
10:30 pm
making dangerous narcotics in one case, right in the parking lot of a pharmacy. >> reporter: these two men munching popcorn in a pharmacy parking lot are committing a crime. they're smurfers. moments later, delivering pharmacy bought acetaminophen. >> as they get into their car, they're already putting that in there, and creating a reaction right there. >> reporter: police say the meth business is booming. >> it is extremely frustrating, and extremely time-consuming and costly for us. >> reporter: the man on the left, sentenced last month to 17 years. the next two got lesser sentences. the man in the ball cap is still wanted. the precursor to meth is easily available. the law limits how much you can buy, but it's the active
10:31 pm
ingredient in many popular cold medicines. >> if you have a cold, the best drug is that drug, a de congestant. >> reporter: you need to scan your drivers' licenses with e- tracking. we've learned e-tracking is not all its made out to be. scammers retunely exploit the astonishing loopholes. >> people often get around it, going from one chain to another, or one independent to another. because the systems are not linked. >> reporter: state lawmakers are struggling with competing solutions. one would make a connected national e-tracking database. >> this would give law enforcement and other authorities the tools on a realtime basis to monitor people's purchases. >> reporter: law enforcement
10:32 pm
backs the other, senate bill 315. it would make pseudoephedrine prescription only. >> reporter: if de congestents are prescription only, it -- some tell us, smurfers will just find another way. >> i don't think it's going to have any impact. >> reporter: the first of these bills could be on the governor's desk by year end. ktvu channel 2 news. >> we want to know what you think. at, we've posted this question. what should california do to control the illlist making of
10:33 pm
methamphetamine from pseudoephedrine. look for the story in the right now section of our website. using a failed shopping center in north hollywood as a backdrop, presidential candidate mitt romney announced president obama's economic policies today. >> the president is fond of saying that he didn't cause the recession. that he inherited the recession, and that's true. but he made it worse. he also made worse the recovery. >> romney listed seven things he would do to revitalize the economy if he were elected. they would focus on getting americans back to work, and crafting a government that's committed to not spending more money than it takes in. republican candidate, michele bachmann released a statement today from the congressional doctor saying that she is able to control her migraine headaches. on the campaign trail, she sidestepped questions about those migraines to focus on the
10:34 pm
debt ceiling. the letter said that her migraines occur infrequently. tim pawlenty criticized her for missing votes because of the those migraines. awed authors say the john edwards campaign misstated how much it should receive in matching funds. edwards has pleaded not guilty to charges that he accepted illegal do i nations -- donations to hide an affair. president obama has hired a berkely graduate to serve as a judge in the central district of california. he has been a partner since 1998 at a law firm in los angeles, where he handled civil and criminal litigation in federal and criminal court. it must now be confirmed by the senate. labor leaders point to the case of pacific steel and
10:35 pm
casting in berkely. they haved for payroll information, federal investigators are now checking to determine the legal status of the workers there. some workers could be fired. one mother of three who has worked for the company for eight years says she can't afford to lose her job. [ speaking in spanish ] >> translator: we aren't doing anything illegal. we're just workers at this plant. >> the "new york times" reports the number of i9 audits has increased dramatically over the last three years. workers demolishing a building that has been empty for three years. it once hopped a coop grocery store. back in april, the city council approved plans by the property's new owner to build a sprouts farmer's market on that
10:36 pm
site. it wandered into a village, and then attacked. the search for a leper that left 11 people injured. the advertised warm up has arrived. coming up. the neighborhoods that will warm into the 90s tomorrow. up first, the cause of this vigil tonight outside of a bay area jail. [ male announcer ] get ready for the left lane. the volkswagen autobahn for all event is back. right now, get a great deal on new volkswagen models, including the jetta, awarded a top safety pick by the iihs. that's the power of german engineering. hurry in and lease the jetta s for just $179 a month. ♪ visit today.
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♪[ music ] an interfaith vigil was held today. many are held on no other charge than failing to be in the country legally. those individuals say contra costa county has one of the highest deportation rates in the country. tonight, the event included prayers for families what have been torn a-- who have been torn apart because of deportation. 69% of respondents to "the los angeles times" usc poll say they favor releasing nonviolent
10:40 pm
offenders early. in news of the world tonight in somalia, famine has led the u.s. to reverse its course, saying it will send aid to areas controlled by the islamic group, al-shabab. some 10 million people in east africa have been affected by the worst drought there in more than half a century. in venezuela gunshots rang out today outside a prison. just last week, the venezuelan government ended a month's long uprising outside another prison. in india, a leopard blamed for mauling at least 11 people
10:41 pm
died after being captured. wildlife authorities tried to tranquilized the cat, but it attacked them, so they beat it with sticks and knives. a discovery by scientists at uc davis may offer new hope to couples struggling to condition receive. they found a protein that coats sperm, helping it to reach a woman's egg. researchers say it should be easy now to create a test to diagnose the problem and help couples find proper treatment. shuttle atlantis is scheduled to touchdown in just hours. the crews thought on closing 30 years of shuttle service. just as the weather warms up, we're in for another cool down. the complete bay area forecast in six minutes. completing an atm deposit in record time... that's a step forward. go! go! with deposit friendly atms,
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some same sex couples from the bay area, are making plans to head across the country to get married. gay marriage becomes legal in new york on monday. why they're choosing new york over the other areas that already allow same-sex marriage. >> i was thinking, i can wait until prop 8 is overturnedment but joe, my partner was a little less patient than that. >> i'm 50. i'd like to have at least 30 years of happy marriage. >> reporter: they left for new york, where same sex marriage will become legal on sunday. they wanted to marry in san francisco, but it's against the law. >> we talked off and on, about maybe getting married in a different state that allowed same sex marriage. >> massachusetts meant nothing to us. iowa is not special to us. connecticut is not special to us. but new york, that's pretty awesome. >> reporter: the two have ties
10:45 pm
to new york. although it will be expensive, they feel it will be the next best thing. with the passage prop 8, it changed, now that new yorkers have the right. >> i as a heterosexual person would have to travel out of my state to get married, it would be upsetting to me, but a lot of times we don't take the perspective of other people. >> new york should be a prime example for us here in california to follow. >> going to new york to get married, it's a band aid to a solution, but it's a bigger problem. i think we've just got to keep going. >> reporter: until then, more californians may venture to new york and other states to be legally married. in san francisco, paul chambers, ktvu, channel 2 news. a play performed by bay area youth based on the experiences of couples with proposition 8 is now headed to new york city. ♪ [ music ] >> we caught up with the cast of prop 8, love story.
10:46 pm
during a rehearsal at the performing arts center. a day later, performed the play to raise money for when they take it off broadway later this month. the cast members are between the ages of 9, and 19. the play is based object interviews with -- on interviews with gay and straight couples. opponents are declaring victory tonight for their efforts to protect what they call a sacred burial ground. they have scaled back the development of glen cove park. the city has degreed to put in a smaller than planned parking lot at a location, where there are no buried remains. the count down is on for the final chapter in nasa's space shuttle program, the astronauts completed their last assignment today, deploring a small satellite. now the shuttle is heading back to earth, ending the 30 year
10:47 pm
run. the astronauts reflected today on the end of their mission and the program. >> the future is very bright. but at the moment, it's a little somber, because we're saying goodbye to an old friend. >> look up and make a memory. >> reporter: it's schedule today touchdown in florida at 6:00 a.m., or 3:00 a.m. here in the bay area. temperatures warmed up nicely today across the entire bay area. about a 5, to 10-degree warm up compared to yesterday's readings. right now, we still have mostly clear skies. there is patchy development, more of a northerly wind developed this afternoon. as a result of the winds, a drying wind, and warming windchill. we warmed up. right now, the winds out of the northwest, gusting to 22 miles an hour. as far as temperatures today, you can see the rains from 67 in pacifica, all of those 90s
10:48 pm
showing up. san jose at 91. here's a look at the overall weather story for tonight. mild numbers inland. tomorrow, sunny and warm, here's the developing change for this weekend. more fog, and as a result, temperatures will be cooling off for both saturday and into sunday. high pressure has been warming us up. it weakens a little for tomorrow. as a result, slightly cooler for thursday. still, low 90s showing up inland. as we head into the weekend, the weather system moves in from the north. this area of low pressure will increase the onshore breeze and import some of that fog. you can see the trend beginning friday, and into saturday and sunday. by saturday, the warmest locations will only be in the low to mid-80s. here's our forecast model. some patchy fog returning coast side. first thing tomorrow morning at 7:00, this is our updated fog forecast model. as we put this into motion,
10:49 pm
we're going to be bringing down the coast side the most tomorrow. that is reflected in tomorrow's forecast, beginning at 7:00, 55 to around 62 degrees. mostly clear skies. we could have patchy fog showing up near parts near the golden gate bridge. by 12:00, we are warming up. 62 to 82 degrees. santa rosa around 90 degrees. oakland at 77. livermore at 92. free month, right around, as you can see, 83. san jose, 86. these temperatures most areas checking in around 3 or 4:00 with the afternoon highs. san francisco in the lower 70s. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast, more fog as we head into friday. as a result, i'm going to trim back a little bit on those temperatures. we will continue to cool off for the weekend for saturday and sunday, with temperatures stabilizing. julie and frank, we think it's warm in the bay area.
10:50 pm
out of st. louis, their heat index, 97 degrees. that is unbearable. at least our heat is a little more manageable. >> i've heard they've set thousands of records across the midwest. >> it will stick around. a barge hauled a sunken crab boat in to san francisco. crews lifted it to the surface. the veesal went down three weeks ago. the coast guard says questions over insurance and legal issues, delayed recovery of that boat until today. the marine mammal center in sausalito is asking for the public's help in celebrating a milestone. the center marked rescue number 10,000 as it saved a sea lion in santa cruz. it was found on a dock there, and is now being treated for a potentially fatal kidney disease. the winning name will be picked and announced during the week of august 1. if you want to help name the rescued sea lion,
10:51 pm
visit, under ktvu right now, you will find a link to the website, where you can suggest a name. he says it is a miracle. what this teenager overcame to be able to throw out the first pitch at today's giants game.
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10:54 pm
this next story is really something. he is on his death bed a little over a year ago, but today, a bay area teenager stood tall on the pitchers mound at at&t park. he's from pinol and was given less than a week to live unless he got a liver transplant. just in the nick of time, a suitable liver became available. >> like wow. this truly has to be a miracle. >> garcia says he'd like to serve as an ambassador for the california transplant donor network to encourage people, especially young latino people as donors. not a great moment for the giants today. the game was a tough one this afternoon. what happened? >> seems like you lose 1-0, it seems harder to take.
10:55 pm
of course the giants strongest weakness in evidence again. boyfriend you go berating the lack of hitting, how about a tip of the cap to one of baseball's most talented arms, clayton kershaw. he would have shut out the '27 yankees today with the talent he was showing. tim lincecum pitched very well, but one mistake and it cost him. dioner navarro, a .195 hitter goes water world with nobody on. the only run of the game. it stood up, 1-0. kershaw, 8 innings. gave up 3 hits. struck out 12 giants for the victory. joe asked him afterwards if he was extra amped to face lincecum? >> he's an awesome pitcher. tough at bat. he's got all the stuff working. it's really tough. but for me personally, it doesn't change too much, other than he's a left handed batter,
10:56 pm
so i got to get ready for that. >> clayton is ridiculously good. he's reached his potential just from watching him. you know it's going to be a close came, could you've got to be -- game so you've got to be on top of yours. i flinched first. rough. a little diverse from the usual script from the a's. santa and christmas come early as they explode for a four run 7th. prior to that, hideki matsui, the milestone he's been waiting for. his 500th home run counting the japanese majors and american league. the a's in front for good, but just to make sure, conor jackson slices it the other way. base hit, going to score a run, and andrew bailey came on for
10:57 pm
his 10th save. the a's, victorious over detroit. the quakes tieing one on with vancouver, down in san jose. entertaining, as much as frustrating for the home team in a 2-2 tie. chris had himself a night. scored both goals for san jose. left foot activity right there. 1-0 san jose. it would not hold up though. in the 2nd half, they find themselves in a 1-1 tie. watch this off the corner kick. beautiful header, getting it done, 2-1 lead, it didn't hold up again. and it is a 2-2 final. tiger woods continues to resign his life you might say. parting of the ways with his long time caddie. steve williams, 72 victories on tour. seemingly air type friendship on and off the course. williams says he was shocked. clue for steve, your wife is best friends with tiger's ex-
10:58 pm
wife. that's not going to hold up. >> surprised it lasted as long as it did. mark, thank you. that is our report for tonight. the ktvu morning news begins at 4:30. following all the overnight developments. thanks for joining us. [ female announcer ] at jcpenney, we're giving you
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